Control systems utilize many types of devices working together to achieve goals. Integration is a broad term used to describe the many activities Control System engineers perform to get all of the devices to work together as a coordinated system. Integration includes programming controllers, establishing communications between devices, normalizing metrics, implementing access control, creating user interface displays, setting up the relational databases used for back-end processing of realtime data, alarming, events and historical trending. Promoting data from process level up to management information systems, and implementing necessary security controls at all levels. Canyon Controls has extensive experience performing control system integration services in a sophisticated and effective manner. Canyon Control system engineers have direct experience with a large number of prominent technologies, and have developed a level of skill that allows them to leverage knowlege across platforms quickly.


The execution of integration services can take place at multiple points in the life time of a system. Canyon Controls can provide integration capability necessary no matter what stage each part of your system is at. During the planning phase we can perform bench testing proof of concept integration to lend confidence that planned improvements will perform as desired. During the Design phase, Canyon Controls can provide programming and HMI development. Once the system is under construction, the commissioning of all of the components of a system will be performed. Once the system is in service, Canyon Controls can provide Operational Support integration services.