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Control Systems are expected to provide services to conserve company resources and outperform manual systems. To ensure that control systems meet these objectives, they require operational support at different stages during their lifetime. Canyon Controls offers Operational support to provide the expertise to identify control system needs and address them. This includes everything from troubleshooting failures, to implementing upgrades as needed. Canyon Contols brings the experience of years as an "owner" of a vast system to bear upon their customers needs to create a strong safety net of support.

Typical Operational Support Activities

- Instrument Calibration and Loop Verifications

- Troubleshooting failures using the HMI Trending/Event Log and On-line PLC review

- Following up on control system hardware failures and coordinate with manufacturers

- Incremental improvements to HMI, PLC program, and/or electro-mechanical components

- Hardware and Software maintenance and upgrades including firmware and operating systems

- Performance of systematic asset management including version control and business continuity

- Implementation of appropriate security controls in keeping with organizational needs

- Provide criteria for control system improvements and perform liason services to outside forces